Class Every Monday, 8pm

at Thorncliffe Greenview.

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Winter Dance

Sat 29 Nov





Class Closed on Mon 16th Feb

Class Closed on Tues 17th Feb

Beginners can start at any class.

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Class Every Tuesday, 8pm

at The Barn, Shawnessy.

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 Improver Workshop: $25

Sat 29 Nov: 10:30am

Thorncliffe Greenview

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These are intensive four hour weekend workshops. They are designed to give you a helping hand when it comes to mastering the moves. With a restricted number of couples per workshop, the atmosphere is very relaxed and the teacher is able to spend time helping you to develop your style and technique.

Beginners I & Beginners II

These workshops are designed for people with very little or no dance experience and gives you a great start to help you on your way.

There are 18 beginners’ moves, which are covered in two beginners Cerocshops. Half of the moves are covered in the Beginners I Cerocshop and half are covered in Beginners II.

Both of these Ceroc shops are aimed at complete beginners, so it does not matter which order you attend them in i.e. you could do the Beginners II before you do the Beginners I.

As well as being taught the moves you will also learn how to string them together so you can "freestyle" your way through a dance.

Beginners Plus

This workshop is designed to consolidate what you have learned in Beginners One and Two.

In these classes, "families" of moves will be explained in more detail e.g. you will already have learnt the Yoyo in Beginners Two, then in Beginners Plus you will learn up to five variations that make up the Yoyo family. This will greatly increase the number of moves you have in your repertoire to use in freestyles, without actually having to learn completely new moves.

As you already know the Beginners moves, Beginners Plus will be taught at a faster rate than Beginners One and Two.