Class Every Monday, 8pm

at Thorncliffe Greenview.

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Winter Dance

Sat 29 Nov





Class Closed on Mon 16th Feb

Class Closed on Tues 17th Feb

Beginners can start at any class.

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Class Every Tuesday, 8pm

at The Barn, Shawnessy.

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 Improver Workshop: $25

Sat 29 Nov: 10:30am

Thorncliffe Greenview

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What happens if I lose my membership card?

You can still come along to Ceroc, all it will mean is for you to complete a new application form so that your new card can be registered with head office. (The cost of the new card will be $5.00).

What are beginner moves?

There are approximately 18 beginners moves which make up the basis for Ceroc dancing. Most intermediate moves are extended variations of the beginner’s moves. The more confident you become with the "base moves", the easier you will find all 500 plus Ceroc moves.

What is a taxi dancer?

Taxi dancers are there to help beginners through their first few weeks of dancing. They are generally experienced dancers who are approachable and friendly. They will be available to answer any questions you may have and will be available to have a dance or two so that you can gain your confidence on the dance floor.

I'm new, what happens when the Intermediate class is on?

Don't worry, if you have only been coming for a few weeks, your evening will not stop after the beginners class. During the Intermediate class, there will be a repeat revision session where you will go over the moves that you have just learnt in the beginner’s class. This is a great opportunity to really get to grips with any new moves you may have just been taught. The class is generally for those dancers who have done 6 classes or less.

Why is there a break between the beginners and intermediate class?

This is called freestyle, it allows you the opportunity to practise some of the moves you've just been taught. If you can pluck up the courage, you could also go and ask some of the other people for a dance. It will also allow you to get refreshments from the bar before the revision class and intermediate classes begin. The break is about 20 minutes long.

What is freestyle?

Freestyle is where we play music for you and other dancers to enjoy dancing the moves you have learnt in the evening or at any other class you have attended.  Our Taxi dancers are still available to dance with during this session and please ask them or any other member of the class to dance.

We try to play all sorts of music during our freestyle events, ranging from 1940's and 50's to the current pop / chart songs. If you have particular requests go and speak to our friendly DJ who will be happy to help.

Are Ceroc teachers qualified?

There are a number of Modern Jive venues around the world. Ceroc remains to be the best and fastest growing dance. This is mainly due to the quality of the Ceroc Teachers. All Ceroc teachers must go through an 18 month training course, before becoming fully qualified. Each year the teachers must attend an update course where they will update their knowledge of new moves. Teachers are also requested to attend an exam periodically to ensure that the high standards and quality is continually met.