Class Every Monday, 8pm

at Thorncliffe Greenview.

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Winter Dance

Sat 29 Nov





Class Closed on Mon 16th Feb

Class Closed on Tues 17th Feb

Beginners can start at any class.

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Class Every Tuesday, 8pm

at The Barn, Shawnessy.

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 Improver Workshop: $25

Sat 29 Nov: 10:30am

Thorncliffe Greenview

Email to register.


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Ceroc membership form

In consideration of your being granted Ceroc membership and being issued with a membership card in respect thereof by Ceroc Enterprises Ltd (“Company”) or by any Franchisee acting for the purposes hereof, as agent for the Company, you hereby agree:


1. Company shall be entitled at any time to refuse you admission at any premises at which Ceroc dance classes or a Ceroc function (“Ceroc Event", “Ceroc Night") of any nature is being held (“Ceroc Venue”).


2. Without prejudice to your statutory rights in respect of death or personal injury occasioned by an act of negligence by any officer or employee of the Company in the course of its business, neither Company nor its directors accept responsibility for loss of any nature suffered by you at a Ceroc venue.


3. You acknowledge the sole and exclusive rights of Company in the name and marks ‘Ceroc’ and in the Ceroc logo and agree not to utilise in the course of trade howsoever the name Ceroc or Ceroc logo on any occasion whatsoever.


4. You acknowledge and agree that Company is possessed of detailed technical and confidential information concerning the dance ‘Ceroc’ (and the steps, technique, style, and method of teaching used or employed at Ceroc events on Ceroc nights or otherwise thereof) and that the instruction and information given in Ceroc dance classes includes such information and that you will not at any time hereafter disclose any said information to any third party for commercial purpose or usage or otherwise use commercially the said instruction and information.


5. Without prejudice to the generality of Clause 4 above and for the purposes of furtherance of the said agreement as to confidentiality you agree that (notwithstanding that you use a different title) you shall not during membership or for a period of 24 months from cessation howsoever of membership in the United Kingdom teach, publish or broadcast for commercial gain or otherwise the method of the dance described by us as Ceroc to any third party.


6. You agree that you shall not approach Ceroc members with a view to encouraging or procuring them to attend any dance function and alternatively dance class of whatsoever nature being held by you or your principal for which an admission fee (howsoever described) is payable.


7. If any part of this agreement or the application thereof to any person shall for any reason be adjudged by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid such judgement shall not affect the remainder of this agreement which shall continue in full force and effect.